Top 6 Freestanding Bath for Total Relaxation

Picture of Freestanding bath from Haiti with elegant style

Freestanding bath, it's now simpler, faster, cheaper and with a full range of aesthetic solutions. Our work and our daily routine rhythm of life and our obsession with energy saving have meant that increasingly the typical bathtub for a shower tray is replaced.

This modern bathroom has been well elegant and has gained space by replacing the shower tub, apart from the tiles has been impeccable, highly desirable. Great work in the bathroom, especially in the tiles and the replacement of the bathtub by shower has reduced space and brought a cooler environment in the bathroom, certainly a very desirable reform. In less than twenty-four hours without hard works, we deal with change your bathtub for the shower that best suits your needs.

Top 6 Freestanding Bath for Total Relaxation

Modern, retro and decidedly original: the standing tub is available in a variety of styles. The centerpiece of the bathroom, she also transformed into an oasis of well-being. Today, we are pleased to see our 6 favorite models to relax entirely and sublimely!

Cape Cod by Duravit: while simplicity


Picture of Cape cod duravit freestanding bath for modern bathroom

Created by renowned designer Philippe Stark, the Cape Cod freestanding bath will seduce you with the simplicity of its organic forms. The purity of its design and calls for calm and relaxation, creating a space truly apart in the heart of your bathroom. You will also appreciate its innovative texture, very soft and warm to the touch for a unique experience.

Axor Urquiola: The past and future design


Picture of Luxury batroom design with Axor Urquiola freestanding bath

Dreaming of a tub that transcends time? Then the bath Urquiola island, created by Axor, is made for you! Designed by the renowned Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola is inspired by the old shoe bath, sublime it with a contemporary style. The result is a stylish bathtub, finesse. With its deep tank, it will also allow you to enjoy a relaxing unusual, totally immersed in the bath. Do not wait to dive into a future full of the sweetness of the past!

Jacob Delafon Circe: ideal for romantic


Picture of Jacob Delafon Circe freestanding bath design

You too will fall in love with the romantic style of the Circe standing tub? With lion paws, she is worthy of the greatest historical palaces - with all the comfort and convenience of modern advances! It will fit both in a bathroom or boudoir style in a contemporary piece, where it will become a real curious and quirky object that will appeal to all your guests. A jewel to place the center of your bathroom, the bathtub island Circe also allow you to enjoy a sweet moment of relaxation after a long day, with a capacity of 270 liters.

Cozi Jacuzzi: The nature in your bathroom


Picture of Cozi Jacuzzi freestanding bath for beautiful bathroom design

Soft and natural, forms of Cosi bath, created by Jacob Delafon, will delight lovers of comfort. It's a  typical oval design recalls the shape of an egg, ready to wrap you in softness and relaxation cocoon. Its depth will allow you to enjoy a totally submerged bath, while enjoying the comfort of her top lip to lay your head. At the center of your bathroom, this freestanding bath is sure to attract attention!

Haiti bath: The Luxury Style


Picture of Freestanding bath form Haiti with elegant style

Escape from the routine without leaving home, it is now possible thanks to our great HAITI oval tub that will provide a great space to relax as well as a new style for your bathroom. This bath using highest acrylic material quality and very durable, another advantage of this bathtub is the thermal insulation, which allows water to maintain temperature for a longer time.

The acrylic sanitary is a very durable material of high quality with a perfect shine. It is smooth, non-porous and stain resistant, is also very hygienic and easy to clean. All components have been reinforced with fiberglass. The bathtub is equipped with an anti-overflow system. The handle and are chrome button. The maximum capacity is 200 liters. The structure of the tub is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic. The surface is made of acrylic. Under the support structure is made of stainless steel with adjustable height.

Georgia Oval Freestanding Bathtub


Picture of Georgia Oval Freestanding Bathtub for total relaxation

Memories and evocative images of a past luxury style inspired this proposal in which the exclusivity of the ritual bath trendsetter. This collection is a sophisticated, clean and dedicated personal landscape for those who enjoy the unique pleasure of being of body and spirit. Acrylic one-piece oval bathtub with an integrated skirt and drainage game.

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