Small Travel Trailers with Bathroom and Shower Design

Picture of Comfortable bedroom interior design for small travel trailers

Before we bring you the small travel trailers with bathroom and shower design, lets me show you a little data that I have found. According to the recent data from the US Census, there are 20 million Americans live in mobile homes. How this became a cheap housing alternative for so many people? The US Census confirmed that, in fact, the state of Mosteller has the highest proportion of mobile homes, also known as the trailer, campers, or manufactured home, only the figure is 18% instead of 20%.

Small Travel Trailers with Bathroom and Shower

This type of house has a big problem in the US, where for many are synonymous with poverty. But what is a real perception? "Not everyone who lives in a mobile home area is poor,” says Charles Becker, a professor of economics at Duke University and one of the few academics in the United States that has deeply studied the issue.

Small Lightweight Campers With Bathroom Construction New Layout

Picture of Small lightweight campers with bathroom contruction new layout

"There are parts of the country, such as Michigan, to live in a community of trailers does not carry the stigma that is in the south. You also have retirement communities in Florida where people are not poor at all. "

According to the Manufactured Home Institute, about 57% of heads of households living in such housing is employed full time, while 23% are retired. But the income of these families is only slightly above half the national average. Mobile homes represent 6.4% of the US housing sector. There are about eight and a half million of them, slightly less than in 2011, according to census data. The number of inhabitants is not registered but is estimated at around 20 million.

And now, the mobile home is the new trend for many people, especially for camp or traveling. There are many models of the travel trailer, but the most popular are small travel trailer. So, here we go to get the small travel trailer with bathroom and shower design.

New travel trailer prices start at $29,000 the smaller, between 3.10 and 3.50 m, the minimum to accommodate four people with essential amenities. It is a substantial amount of purchase at the risk of that activity does not end by convincing the family. For this reason, there are manufacturers and dealers of new and used to rent units, ideal for testing.

How to Decorate the Mini Travel Trailers

Basically, the travel trailers is a small home on wheels. It's not different far when you decorate the tiny house as I gave you a few days ago. If you use your compact travel trailers only to annual leave or live in it full time, the decoration for the small space is still clear and nothing impossible to make this room comfortable. We only have limited space, so, the best choices are using the small accessories and useful that create an impact.

First, try to choose what is the “theme” for your small travel trailers based on a work of art or a pillow tapestry. The color tone in different rooms and a regular home can overwhelm the small space and make it look too busy.

Typically, Small Campers come with white color furnishings to match almost any color combination. The other reason is, it will make your room look bigger. And next, hang the beautiful mirrors safely on the walls of a mini travel trailer. In this case, we recommended to using the tempered glass. (It's more safely than usual glass).

Use light fabrics' curtain for your doors and windows. The light fabric gave privacy in the night time and allows the natural light to illuminate the area during the day. Put the beautiful mat in front of the door. It’s adds softness, color, and texture to the area. Another creative idea is to use a carpet for all the room space, unless the bathroom or shower.

Use a triangular shape of bathroom accessories because it's easily adapted in the corners, and require little space. Screw small cup hooks to the bottom of your floating cabinets. They are useful in storing keychains, mugs and even hang Christmas stockings. To improve your imagination, here, we give you some picture of small travel trailers.

Small Campervan With Toilet And Shower From Jayco

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Mini Travel Trailers With Toilet And Shower Form Legacy Elite

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Mini Travel Trailer With Bathroom And Retro Style

Picture of Mini travel trailer with bathroom and retro style

Kitchen Decor For Small Travel Trailer Ideas

Picture of Kitchen decor for small travel trailer ideas

Compact Travel Trailers For Vacation Time With Vintage Style

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Comfortable Bedroom Interior Design For Small Travel Trailer

Picture of Comfortable bedroom interior design for small travel trailers

Beautiful Small Campervan Bedroom Interior Design

Picture of Beautiful small campervan bedroom interior design

Bathroom Design For Small Travel Trailer With Modern Style

Picture of Bathroom design for small travel trailer with modern style

What times those of which we dreamed with a Small Travel Trailer to go on vacation! Over time, the business of Camper car, Caravans or mobile homes had become obsolete, losing adherents gradually. So this sector, applying the maxim "renew or die" has been stepping up and has decided to evolve opening its market to a more diverse audience age and lifestyle, offering the world a product of interest: the small camper design, curious "housing solutions" to which we dedicate today's post.

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