Sliding Barn Doors Design to Convert Your Loft

Interior Barn Hung Sliding Doors design

Formerly only used in warehouses, barns, factories. The sliding barn door is now very popular in decorating and interior design. It provides a real alternative to the swing door. Apart from the aesthetic aspect, the sliding door. Another benefit of size compared to the conventional door when opened since it does not take place. If it is a sliding window, it disappears completely in the same wall! The weak point of the sliding door is undoubtedly its price, much higher than a conventional door.

Solid Wood Sliding Barn Door Design For Modern House

Solid wood sliding barn door design for modern house

The industrial of sliding doors are everywhere. Pretty, stylish and practical, they add a rustic touch to our decor, while allowing us to save space. Besides being beautiful, they are easily achievable if you invest in a little of our time. There are several ways to achieve this and, at a remarkably low cost. Massive, recycled, painted or even found on the edge of the street, there's something for everyone. You can get the style that suits you best of sliding barn door!

Chalkboard paint is very trendy now, and we love it as much for convenience as for the beautiful slate effect it gives our walls. We saw in calendar, bulletin board and on a wall, but why not apply it on sliding doors? In the kitchen, office or playroom for toddlers, they will add life and personality to your home!

Perfect DIY if you have a TV stand that goes a little too large! Complement it with two sliding doors mini, an imposing hardware and take the opportunity to give him a stroke. One more: you can even hide the electronics and electrical son that you no longer want to see.

Sliding Interior Barn Doors Design

Often looking for optimal functionality, we have the tendency to neglect the aesthetics of doors in our home. Doors in authentic style with modern and colorful, we recently prepared more attention to this practical and decorative interior element. Discover our selection of examples of interior barn door classic and modern: to give an old and original charm to your home.

Sliding Interior Barn Doors For Modern Style

sliding interior barn doors for modern style

Sliding Doors With Book Case And Storage

Sliding Doors with book case and storage

Sliding Barn Doors Interior Design Ideas

sliding barn doors interior design ideas

Sliding Barn Doors For Rustic Bedroom Design

sliding barn doors for rustic bedroom design

Pole Barn Sliding Door Design For Rustic Room

Pole barn sliding door design for rustic room

Modern Interior Sliding Barn Doors For Bathroom

modern interior sliding barn doors for bathroom

Interior Sliding Barn Doors For Fitness Room

Interior sliding barn doors for fitness room

Interior Barn Hung Sliding Doors Design

Interior Barn Hung Sliding Doors design

Double Sliding Barn Doors For Rustic Dinning Room

Double sliding barn doors for rustic dinning room

DIY Interior Barn Doors For Homes

DIY interior barn doors for homes

Barn Doors Design To Safe Space Of Small Room

barn doors design to safe space of small room

Two examples of bathrooms closed by two doors of the different barn: the first is in dark wood while the second is in light wood. We see that both doors are introducing two styles very different. The first was a classic charm while the second has a more modern look. I thing, this is the best for sliding barn door design that you can choose.

Sliding doors to save space.

Before beginning you build your sliding barn doors, you take a decision on the matter. But is particularly well all materials easy to handle with excellent stability? Finally, your doors will not warp or later have a very short time large scratches.

  1. Use the best MDF or chipboard. MDF panels have a smooth surface that can be painted easily. Particle boards are cheaper and are more suitable for panels of fabric or laminate.
  2. Accurately measure from the opening of the door and the space you need for your sliding doors and order your personal confirmation code right size wooden panels in Traders. You must measure the height of the room and thus to deduct the amount of the unit. Next, determine the necessary sliding doors strength. This measure should not be less than 2.5 cm.
  3. Now you can cut with the saw recesses later serve as handles and wheels. If you opt for handles, then drill the necessary holes.
  4. Then you can make your "white sliding barn doors", as desired with a layer of embellishment. Use them as the painting for you. But before you put on a primer. Without this foundation, the color moves into the drive, and the result would be unsightly.

DIY Sliding Barn Door

The sliding barn doors are used not only organize a closet but also throughout.

  1. You can get the plate with a washable and durable material you handled on the upper and lower edges of the sliding doors and base safely.
  2. As sliding doors, therefore, prepared you now build the necessary wheel discs with respective bearing balls. Instruction can get from the manufacturer and brand according to the attached description. Proceed following these instructions.
  3. Now you can also attach handles or grips your sliding doors. This stick or stick you in drilling and screw.
  4. Then attach the aluminum profiles on the edges of the door. Now your sliding doors are almost cooked. Now even require guide rails, where the doors are opened and closed.
  5. For assembly to draw the necessary holes in the front with a model of the upper guide rail on the ceiling. Then drill the holes and fix the rail with screws.
  6. With a field to determine the position of your lower guide rail.
  7. Now run your sliding doors just diagonally in the upper rails a. Then make the doors very carefully in the bottom rail. You can adjust the wheel discs of the height accordingly.

Above is an example of sliding barn door in a contemporary, rustic and modern style, followed by two illustrations of rustic wooden barn doors. Each style has its charm and fits inside the two spaces to its unique and incomparable way. Thanks for read and we hope you can found and get inspiration to redesign your door.

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