Preschool Classroom Interior Decorating Ideas

Picture of Playground design for Preschool Classroom Interior Decorating Ideas with beautiful ceiling

The preschoolers need to stimulate their senses. But this doesn't mean we should sacrifice good taste. Here we have a few elements that add the tones to your classroom, without sacrificing your good taste and style. Preschool Classroom Interior Decorating Ideas can also apply them to a game room at home. There are many materials around them and today, I share one more, decorate the classroom with corner learning methods, which can either cut or write and paste from magazines, printable, art, etc.

Preschool Classroom Interior Decorating Ideas

Before we decorate the room, the first thing we have to do is to decide the theme. In this case and as I mention above, today we will design the room with corner learning method. I think, it is a good choice for children. Why?

Vertical Preschool Classroom Layout 3D Design Ideas

Picture of vertical preschool classroom layout 3D design Ideas

In the search for methods to facilitate the learning of the child, has been implemented in classrooms learning corners, these are sectors or confined spaces where children develop recreational activities, research, interact with each other to develop their intelligence and creativity. An effective methodology that allows the child to build their own learning and skill.

In this way the child class is divided by areas of work or play, where the child or groups of children explore, discover each sector using their own reasoning being guided by the teacher or independently.

Most common corner learning:

Among the most common learning corner is the corner building, drama, art, music, science, library, quiet games, psychometric activities, language, etc. How to organize Preschool Classroom Interior Decorating Ideas with corner learning method?

  • Organize and allocate the classroom corners or sectors; they should be distributed according to the space that we have their respective materials and furniture.
  • Establish work schedules or play in the learning corners, the duration of activities will depend on the child's age, it can be 20 to 45 minutes.
  • The child or groups of children visit the classroom corners simultaneously according to their choice and then will rotate.
  • Activities or games will be raised according to the educational objectives or the methodology of teachers.

How to implement the learning corners for Preschool Classroom Interior Decorating Ideas?

Dramatization-home Corner (home, shop or other)

This sector offers real spaces to learn from its own develop guidelines interactions and standards for living. Through these interactions, the child represents their reality, learn and understand to express their feelings.

It can use:

Home: Kitchen, kitchen utensils, tables, chairs, blankets, dishes, appliances.

Store: Baskets, plastic bottles, Boxes or product packaging, shelves, table.

Other: puppets, dolls' clothes, masks, costumes, dolls, doll clothing, doctor's accessories, carpenter, etc.

Construction Corner

Here the child develops spatial intelligence, mathematical thinking, language and creativity, exercise fine motor coordination and ability of observation and analysis to discover shapes, sizes and characteristics of objects when performing buildings.

The materials can use: Building blocks, plastic or Styrofoam, wooden blocks, cans, shoe boxes, matchboxes, spools of thread, badges, empty containers.

Music Corner

Preschool Classroom Interior Decorating Ideas with music corner is the best choice. Music is not just artistic expression, is essential to achieving the effective intellectual, sensory, and motor balance element. In this sector, the child can develop their sensitivity, memory, attention, concentration, coordination, body language, gross and fine motor skills, and allow a space of relaxation and tranquility as the melody.

The materials needed are: tambourines, drums, rattles, woodblock, flute, burning, triangles, cymbals, cassettes or CD's, radio cassette, and other various musical instruments.

Quiet Corner Games

The modern preschools interior design usually has the corner games. With this section sets, the child can perform reasoning, reflection, analysis, partnership, problem-solving, etc.

It may use: lace, puzzles, dominoes, memory games, lotteries, threaded, coiled, threaded, old bills, planted, serialization, classifications by shape, color, size, logical series.

Communication and language corner

I think all parents agree that the Preschool Classroom Interior Decorating Ideas must have the Communication and language corner. This sector is destined to various forms of oral or written communication. In this section the child can express speaking, writing, reading.

Materials that can be used are: magazines and newspapers to make cuts, pictures, books, comic strips, stories, films, bingo cards, parties, broods, product labels, movable letters,  advertising posters, read bits and intelligence, riddle, rhymes, songs, twisters, markers, colored pencils, crayons, etc.

Art Corner

Oriented development of creativity and free expression Sector child. Recommended for the preschool classroom architect designs that this area is near the water so that the equipment used can easily be washed.

The material can be used: paints, pastry molds, crayons, thick and thin brushes, markers, colored chalks, clays, glue, wool, punches, sponges, clay, rubber, leaves, colored paper, scrap paper, magazines, newspapers, cardboard, children's aprons.

Science Corner

In this section, the child can, through observation and experimentation to discover the properties of objects and living beings.

The materials can be used: magnifying glasses, cork, sponges, tweezers, sandpaper, hoses, funnels, scales, leaves, plants, etc.

To make it easy and to improve your inspiration, we bring you some pictures of preschool room design in many styles.

Reception Area Design Of Preschools With Modern Style

Picture of Reception area design of preschools with modern style

Preschool Room Layout With 3D Design

Picture of Preschool room layout with 3D design

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Picture of Preschool computer room interior design ideas

Preschool Classroom Furniture Setting Ideas

Picture of preschool classroom furniture setting ideas

Preschool Classroom Architect Designs

Picture of Preschool classroom architect designs

Playground Design For Preschool With Beautiful Ceiling

Picture of Playground design for Preschool Classroom Interior Decorating Ideas with beautiful ceiling

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Picture of Natural looking Outdoor Preschool Playground Ideas

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Awesome Preschool Classroom Ideas For Small Space

Picture of Awesome Preschool Classroom Ideas for small space

With the arrival of spring, finally begin to notice here, the kindergarten classrooms are filled with murals and decorated corners to celebrate their arrival. We hope with this Preschool Classroom Interior Decorating Ideas; you will find a few ideas to decorate your room and give it a spring air and colorful. And finally some pictures or wallpaper of the details that make the difference, those little elements that give a touch of color and creativity.

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