Modern Tiny House Interior Design Ideas

If you're thinking of developing a tiny house but with architectural requirements, you are in the right place. Because in here, you will find great ideas for designing your tiny house interior in a smart way, where custom made furnishings that meet more than one function coupled with its essence are included, making them ideal for small spaces furniture thanks to its great practicality and design.

White Kitchen Furniture For Tiny House Design

The design and style for Tiny House Interior that you see below may give you some features of what you can get, what is interesting is the contrast that has achieved the architects giving the facade of a gray dark but the interior design of its entirely clear tone of the wood.

It is intended to show some beautiful models of houses considered small to almost anyone, although you may notice significant differences, both measures as the impression of space. A great design and a good orientation of the structure can get the most from a small area and offer the experience of living in a little wider than the actual size of the space.

Check out these lovely models of tiny houses, and their designs may find inspiring.

How to Decorate a Tiny House Interior

There are many tricks can help to make the smallest space in your home and even make it look bigger and feel more comfortable and satisfied with your floor. I this article we offer some tips and more used by experts in interior design tricks, so you know how to decorate your small house and a touch of grandeur to the spaces.


  • Start with the roof. Hang the curtains loudly it allows the fabric to fall freely and draws the eye upward. Hanging pictures and other decorative objects wall also at a high altitude.
  • Try not to cram the house. A space recharged looks much smaller. Buy furniture that you need. Otherwise, we will end up creating a crowded and uncomfortable space.
  • Use the reflection. The crystals and mirrors give a sense of spaciousness to the rooms when they are strategically placed to reflect something beautiful.
  • Add built-in furniture. Just take away space and provide much-needed storage space, a fact that makes the perfect combination for a small house. There are many "smart saver furniture" that you can choose.
  • Subtly define different areas. Separate another room without choosing entirely different colors to the walls or floor. It gives each room its treatment. Use similar colors to unify and find the right balance to create unique spaces without overwhelming with lots of different colors and prints. The white colors and pastel tend to offer a better sense of space. The pale colors advance, expanding the room, while dark receding, shrinking it.
  • Invites the sun to enter. Wide windows let in light, reflected on the walls, illuminating even the darkest room. In areas requiring privacy, such as a bathroom or bedroom, you can put accessories such as curtains, blinds, etc., that can be adjusted easily to let in the sunlight. Space expands outward. A patio, deck or terrace considerably extends the usable space.
  • Take special care with curtains and blinds. Tissues with overwhelming prints draw attention to themselves, away from the well - planned room design. Choose simple accessories that filter sunlight and provide privacy with respect to the neighbors while combining with the rest of the furniture. For this case, I recommend you to read this articles.
  • Open rooms to each other. While it is important precisely to define separate areas, some openness between adjoining rooms will all appear wider. Open full steps or sliding glass doors used to connect two spaces.
  • Keep continuity in the ground. Keeping the same material on the floor of the whole house gives a sense of continuity, the eye does not jump from one room to another, but quickly wanders through space.

When painting the walls of this tiny house must carefully. Choose the colors that will be used because depending on this, better or worse harmony in your room. And then get some tips for the choice made is correct.

First, you must consider combine and cool colors. Blue and green will give the impression of increased space, while, red and warm yellow can offer just the opposite, so the choice is not recommended a warm hue as the primary color of the walls and ceilings. For the best ideas in Tiny House Interior color, take a look my color combination tips here.

In addition to providing elegance to the housing, ideal minimalist, environments, also offers the impression of space and harmony, so you can use white color to paint the wall. It is achieved using it in ceilings raise the perception of these.

Use contrasting colors for small rooms is pleasing to the eye and also gives a sense of stability. For example, when used as contrast black on white walls and ceilings and white doors, windows, curtains, furniture, lamps and decorative objects in blacks, you get to show elegance and order.

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It is advisable for the kitchen white. Unless you have big enough space. Something similar happens in the bathroom unless it is brightness, it is recommended to use white furniture. The rooms, being areas for rest, require that the colors are harmonious as celestial or very soft green, with a white roof. The furniture and details should not be pompous and the lower contrast, the greater the harmony of stays devoted to rest. I hope, this Modern Tiny House Interior Design Ideas will improve your inspiration and thanks for coming here.

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