Faux Wood Blinds: Best Window Treatments Material

Faux wood blinds are the smart choice for interior design material. It's made from high-quality PVC or polyvinyl chloride. In some country, this material named with PLASSWOOD (plastic wood). These blinds were chosen because not disappear or crack and are ideal for areas that experience extreme temperatures, humidity, and direct sunlight and this is beautiful and decorative. Why should I choose faux wood blinds for my house?

The Benefits of Faux Wood Blinds

There are several reasons make the faux wood is special window treatments design for your home:

Window Treatment With Faux Wooden Blinds

The market is full of all kinds of imitation wood of the window, and this makes it very easy for you to make a right choice for your home interior design. All rooms can have wooden shutters as matching any decor.

Faux wood blinds are a good long-term investment because of their durability. The materials used make this a great advantage for these blinds. In theory, last longer than real wood blinds.

Another advantage for faux wood blinds is the fact that they are so easy to clean. A simple application of soap and water will be removed from the shutters of any dirt and not even have to worry if the material will handle mixtures of water as is done with real wood blinds.

One thing that makes a product more requested by the public is its availability to match contemporary decor. Faux wood blinds offer this benefit because there are an unlimited number of colors and textures that you can get for your blinds.

Faux wood blinds and cellular shades are some of the most modern window treatments. Of any kind window treatment has advantages over the other. What works in a given environment depends on several factors.


Faux wood blinds and cellular shades are much less expensive than wood blinds, woven wood blinds, and many Roman shades. Imitation wood tends to be a little cheaper than cellular shades.

Privacy and Vista

Faux wood blinds can open a crack to let in the light (and even part of the view) over the entire window. Cellular shades only can be opened from the bottom or top. When fully closed, blinds tend to darken, while shades tend to let in more light.


Cellular shades provide significant insulating capacity - so much so that some tones are eligible for the federal tax credit for energy efficiency. Faux wood blinds cannot compete there.

Consider the Site

Faux wood blinds resist warping from heat and moisture and are the best choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Above the windows with an air conditioner, cellular shades are the best option because they will not loudly shake when operating the unit, the blinds so often do.

It is a matter of taste

Both faux wood blinds and cellular shades come in a variety of colors. Both could be the best contemporary or traditional decor for your house. In addition to practical matters, your choice comes down to what you think looks good.

Faux wood blinds - It's not just a cheap imitation as wood are very cheap while it is very attractive for any modern decor. Faux wood blinds are made of various materials, made by man, come in horizontal and vertical models. Some of them made of PVC, which can be embossed with wood grain and stain accordingly. The blind slats' width come in 2 "to 2 ½". Other spots are available for solid colors in pastel colors and decorative color, which can be easy coordinated with its plans.

The use of vertical blinds is mostly for sliding glass doors and large windows. They effectively reduce the intense heat produced by the large window. Vertical blinds allow easy entry and exit of the glass patio doors as they slide from left to right.

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Usually, faux blinds window are installed outside the houses of the south, which were locked, and the windows were open. Cool breezes could then enter the room while your house was protected from intruders. I installed our shutters inside because we had a heat pump. I wanted blinds for the cost and privacy. When faced with a tight budget window blinds are a reasonable solution. I painted the same color as the seat, and they looked fantastic. They keep out the heat, which was a real problem because the front of our house faced west. They saved us a lot of our monthly electric bill. When we visited our home four years later, they were still in use. Obviously, it was a fantastic idea that my wife and executed. At first, I had not been very excited about it.

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